Mark Cuban: “Gen Z and younger, they’re not only native to it, they know how to block things out. They’re better able to deal with it, but they’re also going to define what comes next, their generation, not our generation.”

Kristus Altus tells us of the newest person to weigh in on the upcoming AI apocalypse in Mark Cuban issues dire warning over ChatGPT. His comments have gotten a lot of coverage, including, in addition to the above, Mark Cuban Sounds Alarm On ChatGPT: ‘We’re Just In The First Inning Of What’s Going To Happen’ amongst others.

There is little in place to separate fact from hallucination, Cuban warns. Forget Twitter: He claims the next battle in technology will be over who controls the models and the information that goes into them, as the models will start to take on a life of their own. Elon Musk has also chimed in, of course, saying that such system have a “woke bias.”