What Are the Rules? Art School and Generative AI:

How are art schools dealing with generative AI, Vice’s Emily Driehaus asks in the article “Here’s How Art Schools Are Dealing With The Rise of AI Generators.” Some schools, rather than banning AI art outright, are creating guidelines for its use. How have AI generators impacted the art world? What dilemmas they are creating for art educators. In a world of increasinlgy sophisticated generative AI, what is the nature of art and the creative process?

Generative AI can be a useful tool, but don’t learn to rely on it, seems to be the theme. Students must learn to become independent of tools and to remain agnostic and not reverent and dependent on one thing to be presentable.

Some instructors express concern over students entering university with a portfolio created using AI-art generators, while others claim that if a student did use AI, it would be obvious to the instructor. Some students are already experimenting with AI art, even those at schools that have not addressed the topic. They quote Rhode Island School of Design painting student Julia Hames:

“For a while, I didn’t have any ideas of what to paint, so I’d just put in random prompts into Wombo to see what it created. I didn’t really like anything, but maybe it could be used for that because the images are so absurd and it just lets you into this uncanny valley that honestly humans can’t even get to sometimes.”