Document Repo Slite to Offer Generative AI:

Slite is a European-based, fully remote company offering a workplace chat and document repository application that provides a centralized and organized way for teams to access and share all their information: wikis, projects, notes, key decisions, and more.

It is intended to be a single space for focused, asynchronous discussions. They see their target audience as remote teams of less than a hundred, and their competition as Google Docs, Notion, and Confluence by Atlassian.

CEO Christophe Pasquier tells us Slite has added a generative AI component called Ask, now in private beta. Ask uses GPT-3 to provide easy access to information stored within the platform.

Their goal is to make team documentation more accessible and intuitive. Ask facilitates access to all the information stored within Slite, and is designed to take “the pain out of finding info, learning from the past, and getting new team mates up to speed.”

Pasquier writes that they have been testing the use of large language models for a while, including Notion and Craft. Not satisfied with the results they achieved, they then turned to GPT-3.

The rollout of Ask will start with interested Slite users and teams, with a focus on automatically deprecating outdated content in the future. Sign up for the beta here.