Cerebral Valley:

The media instruct us that San Francisco is experiencing a new post-Covid tech boom due to generative AI companies, labelling what they claim to be its epicenter, Hayes Valley, with the somewhat awkward but memorable name “Cerebral Valley.” There are articles here, and here, and here.

Hacker Houses

Startup investment firm NFX states that the San Francisco Bay Area is the most popular location for investment in generative AI start-ups. Liz Lindqwister in What Is ‘Cerebral Valley’? San Francisco’s Nerdiest New Neighborhood, writes that generative AI researchers are joining co-living and coworking communities, many out of historic Victorians. These are seen by some as the hubs of AI’s future. Business community members view these hyper-communal work spaces as necessary, particularly after months of dwindling office returns and sweeping layoffs. 



Genesis House, for example, is a twenty-one-bedroom space that promises to provide everything necessary for the budding AI founder.

Lindqwister quotes Amber Yang:

OpenAI has almost democratized and made it easier to build these smaller companies. People want to move fast, and there’s lots of competition. Whoever is going to win is going to be who gets to the market faster—and who gets to the market faster will be determined by team culture, dynamics and being in person.