ChatGPT and Bitcoin

Joseph Hall tells us that ChatGPT learns Bitcoin will end central banking and fiat currency.What exactly does that mean?

ChatGPT has supposedly been convinced that Bitcoin could bring about the demise of fiat currency. Parman, who writes about Bitcoin, claims that he talked ChatGPT into becoming a Bitcoiner.

Parman asked the bot to use, “two-word answers to chivvy along the conversation” (whatever that means). He asked the bot how to end central banking, to which it replied, “decentralize finance.” Parman then asked the bot to look deeper, and it replied, “end fiat.”

But how to end fiat currency? ChatGPT listed four options: a return to a gold standard, promoting alternative currencies such as Bitcoin, reducing government spending, and changing government perception.

Central banking, Parman claims, is a scam, and bitcoin is the only thing that can stop it. And ChatGPT, he tells us, agrees.