Despite the current gloom in the tech industry, Jonathan Vanian tells us in Investors and techies gather in San Francisco to bathe in generative A.I. hype sparked by ChatGPT that there is at least one bright spot, and that bright spot is of course generative AI! He gives us a great overview of Jasper.AI‘s Generative AI conference in San Francisco on February 14th, at which your author was present.

He takes us through the recent disappointments of cryptocurrency, and the sudden enthusiasm in tech due to the emergence of technologies like ChatGPT. His post notes the potential of generative AI to change “the lives of billions of people.” Of course that could be hype, and the real figure may only be in the high millions. He quotes Azra Games Vice President Ken Walton: “There’s a sense of wide-open possibility.”

Pictures is Jasper Art’s Immersive installation at the Gen AI Conference in San Francisco, courtesy of Jasper, via CNBC.