Here are Some ChatGPT Hacks:

In Forbes, TJ McCue offers us “ChatGPT Hack For Summarizing Your Work“. If you want it to tame and rewrite long and rambling text (notes from the shower, for example), ChatGPT can do this, but you need to learn the correct parameters to use.

ChatGPT Hacks, Key Points

  • Do not work without a net. Always check ChatGPT’s results beofre publishing them.
  • Use a lot of instruction in your prompts so that ChatGPT will get the best idea of what you want.
  • Don’t offer more than 2,500 words in your prompt. More than that tends to confuse it. If you have more than 2,500 words, break the text up over several prompt queries.
  • McCue provides many examples of good ChatGPT prompts, such as, “Summarize the following text with the most unique and helpful points, into a numbered list of key points and takeaways:”
  • Tell ChatGPT to simulate a particular person, such as “math teacher,” or “philosopher.”
  • Offers a link to a list of helpful ChatGPT prompts.
  • Those who claim failure at using AI tools are using them incorrectly. They are not creating the right prompts.