Moneywatch’s Megan Cerullo asks, “AI ChatGPT is helping CEOs think. Will it also take your job?” She tells us that AI text generator ChatGPT is already being used by one CEO as a thought partner and writing assistant. Nearly 30% of professionals in the U.S. have already used ChatGPT or similar AI tools for work tasks, according to a survey by Fishbowl. Marketers and advertisers had the highest rate of adoption, with 37% using AI. In technology and consulting, the figures were 35% and 30%. Chatbots have taken over online customer service roles, and ChatGPT threatens to replace humans for easy tasks that like following a script or generating standard legal documents.

Experts predict that ChatGPT will not replace humans, however, a theme we soft oft-repeated. Instead, it will boost their ability to do their jobs efficiently. Quotes Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of online course provider Coursera:

“I ask ChatGPT to become aware of where my biases and blindspots might be, and the answers it gives are a really, really good starting point to check your thinking.”