The Wall Street Journal writes that “Companies Tap Tech Behind ChatGPT to Make Customer-Service Chatbots Smarter.” Companies using or considering integrating ChatGPT into their offerings including customer support companies Ada Support and Nice, Ltd., as well as sports memorabilia site Fanatics.

While the technology is promising, some are concerned that chatbots might deliver incorrect information rather than simply saying “I don’t know”. As John Willcutts, vice president and general manager of digital at Nice, says, “We don’t want to be in the bad answer business.”

Along these lines, the article warns of the dangers of hype, quoting Yves Normandin, of contact-center solutions provider Waterfield Technologies:

“There was a lot of hype around chatbots, probably five, six years ago, and a lot of vendors wanted to make people believe that it was magical, that it worked out of the box, that it was easy. But the reality is that it wasn’t.”